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Academic positions


2021- Member, Royal Society of Canada Committee on Public Engagement

2020-2024 Distinguished Visiting Professor, École Normale Supérieure

2006- Full Professor and Queen’s National Scholar, Queen’s University

2020- International Panel of Experts on Behavioral Change – G7 Microplastics

2020- Advisory Board, Posthumanities Hub, KTH Royal Institute of Technology



10/2019 G7 Microplastics Meeting, Paris, Canadian Representative

2009-2019 Director, genera Research Group (gRG), Queen’s University

10/2017 Visiting Professor, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

2015 Distinguished Visiting Professor, Linköping University

2014 Distinguished Visiting Professor, Linköping University

2013-2014 Distinguished Visiting Professor, Lancaster University and Queen Mary University of London (Leverhulme Trust Fellowship)

05-06/2013 Distinguished Visiting Professor, Uppsala University

04/2013 IRW Distinguished Lecturer, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

01/2010-08/2012 Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Oxford University School of Geography and the Environment, Oxford, UK

05/2012 Distinguished Visiting Professor, Abo Akademi University, Turku, Finland

05/2012 Distinguished Visiting Professor, Tema Genus, Linköping University, Sweden

01/2012-04/2012 Visiting Fellow, New College, Oxford University, Oxford, UK

11/2011 Distinguished Visiting Professor, Finnish Research School on Women and Gender Studies, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

06/2011 IAS Visiting Fellowship, Warwick University, Warwick, UK

09/2010 Distinguished Visiting Professor, Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

06/2008 Visiting Professor, Centre for Women’s and Gender Research, University of Bergen

2007-2008 Visiting Fellow, Lynn Margulis Laboratory, UMass Amherst, USA

2004-2006 Associate Professor and Queen’s National Scholar, Queen’s University

2000-2004 Assistant Professor, Queen’s University, Northern Ireland

July- Dec. 1999 Visiting Fellow, Sociology Dept., London School of Economics, UK

Centre for Women's Studies, Manchester University, UK

Sociology Dept., University of California at Berkeley, USA

1996-1999 Assistant Professor, Auckland University, New Zealand

1995-1996 Adjunct Professor, Oxford University, UK

Summer 1994; 1995 Adjunct Professor, St. Bonaventure University, USA

1995 Temporary Lecturer, Queen’s, Wadham and St. Catherine’s Colleges, Oxford University, UK

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