Invited Keynote Adresses

Hird, M.J. (12/17) ‘Settler Colonialism and Canadian Waste: Issues of Self-determination and Responsibility’, Mineral Forum, SLU, Uppsala, Sweden.


Hird, M.J. (11/17) ‘Metabolizing the Planet’, Mind the Gut Symposium, Medical Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Hird, M.J. (10/17) ‘The Up- and Down-stream Flows of Waste: Reflecting on Waste within Neo-liberal Capitalism’, Des Déchets à l’économie circulaire: Publics, politiques et engagements citoyens’, EVS, Universite de Lyon, France.


Hird, M.J. (04/17) ‘Looking for Redemption in all the Wrong Places: Environmental Citizenship and the Long Duré of Waste Contamination’, Opening the Bin Conference, Lund University, Sweden.


Hird, M.J. (02/17) ‘Microontologies of Waste, and the Radical Asymmetry of a Stratified Planet, Emerging Activity: Relating Things Conference, Berlin, Germany.


Hird, M.J. (09/15) ‘Burial and Ressurrection in the Anthropocene: Infrastructures of Waste’, Governing the Inorganic: Materials, Infrastructures and Care Conference, Santiago, Chile.


Hird, M.J. (11/14) ‘Material Flows in the Anthropocene’, G14 Conference, Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden.


Hird, M.J. (09/14) ‘Wast(ED): Colonial Legacies in the Anthropocence’, Learning How to Inherit in Colonized and Ecologically Challenged Lifeworlds Interdisciplinary Symposium, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada.


Hird, M.J. (6/14) ‘Proliferation, Extinction and the Anthropocene Aesthetic’, Leverhulme Trust Lecture, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford, Oxford.


Hird, M.J. (5/14) 'Proliferation-Extinction-Anxiety and the Anthropocene Aesthetic', Life Matters: Affect, Sex and Control, Tema Genus, Linkoping University, Sweden


Hird, M.J. (04/14) ‘Relations of Waste World-Making’, Anthropocene Feminism, Center for 21st Century Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Hird, M.J. (12/13) ‘Inhuman Epistemologies’, Leverhulme Trust Lecture, Queen Mary University of London, London.


Hird, M.J. (12/13) ‘Waste and Environmental Politics in the Shadow of Terminal Capitalism’, Leverhulme Trust Lecture, Lancaster Environment Center, Centre for Science Studies, and Center for Gender Studies, Lancaster University, Lancaster.


Hird, M.J. (06/13) ‘Global visions: Environmental Responsibility Without Limits’, Constructions of Globality: Ideas, Images and Artefacts Conference, Copenhagen.


Hird, M.J. (06/13) ‘On Preparations: Learning and Teaching Materiality’, Developing Feminist Post-Constructivist Qualitative Research Methodologies in the Educational Sciences Conference, Stockholm University, Stockholm.


Hird, M.J. (11/12) ‘Feminist Theory and the Inhuman’, Feminist Theory Conference, McGill University, Montreal.


Hird, M.J. (06/12) ‘Disturbing Messmates and Becomings Indeterminate: Geobio Forces in Waste Flows’ Indeterminate Subjects Conference, Lancaster, UK.


Hird, M.J. (05/12) ‘Sexual Indifference on a Sociable Planet’, Women’s Studies Department, Abo Akademi University, Finland.


Hird, M.J. (05/12) ‘Microlife: Waste Flow, Care, and an Ethic of Vulnerability’, Tema Genus, Linkoping University, Sweden.


Hird, M.J. (04/12) ‘‘Microlife: Waste Flow, Care, and an Ethic of Vulnerability’, Gender Studies Department, Sodertorn, Sweden.


Hird, M.J. (11/11) ‘Sex Matters on a Sociable Planet’, Finnish Research School on Women and Gender Studies, University of Helsinki, Helsinki.


Hird, M.J. (06/11) ‘Life on a Sociable Planet’, Sociology Department, Warwick University.


Hird, M.J. (05/11) ‘Sex and Gender on a Sociable Planet’, Tema Genus, Linköping University, Sweden.


Hird, M.J. (11/10) ‘When Science and Social Science Meet: Toward an Ethics of Vulnerability’, Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University, Sweden.


Hird, M.J. (11/10) ‘Within/Between/Through Bodies: Sex Diversity on a Symbiotic Planet’ Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University, Sweden.