Completed: Total CDN $621,756

​​Hird, M.J. Undergraduate Student Summer Research Fellowship, 2016, $6,000.

Croy, A. (PI), Graham, C., Tayade, C., Hird, M.J. and Smith, G.  Canada-Brazil Collaborative Research Fellowship.  Funded by Queen's University and UNICAMP, 2011-2016, $186,000.

Hird, M.J. Undergraduate Student Summer Research Fellowship, 2014, $6,000


Hird, M.J. Leverhulme Visiting Professorship, The Leverhulme Trust, $28,092.


Hird, M.J. (PI) and Rowe, R.K. ‘Citizen Science Solutions to Canadian Waste Management Issues’, SSHRC Insight Development Grant, 2011-2013, $39,189.


Hird, M.J. (PI) and Weisbaum, K. ‘Health Research and Society: A Sociological Analysis of Ethical, Public Understanding and Knowledge Translation Issues’, SSHRC Standard Research Grant, 2009-2012, $89,695.


Smith, G.N. (PI), Hird, M.J. (Co-applicant) et al. ‘Improving Long-Term Maternal Health’, CIHR Café Scientifique Program, 2010, $3000.


Hird, M.J. (PI), Walker, M.J. and Smith, G. ‘Capturing the Outcomes and Impacts of Publicly Funded Health Research’, SSHRC Presidential Fund, 2008-2010, $24,963.


MacDonald, S. (PI), Hird, M.J. and Smith, G. ‘Contacting Patients for Health Research: Translating Ontario’s PHIPA Provisions into Ethical Practice’ Physicians’ Services Incorporated Foundation (PSI), 2008-2010, $97,500.


Hird, M.J. ‘Contesting neoDarwinism and the Implications for Scholarly and Public Understandings of Structures of Social Relating’. SSHRC Standard Research Grant, 2006-2009, $61,445.


Tepperman, L.(PI) and Hird, M.J. (PI) ‘The Gambling Research Community’ Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre. 2008-2009, $18,333.


Hird, M.J. Queen’s University Travel Grant, 2005, $750.


Hird, M.J. ‘Governing Reproductive Technologies in Northern Ireland’, British Academy Research Grant, 2003, $5,789.


Hird, M.J. ‘The Trouble with Gender: A Genealogical Analysis of Transgenderism’, Faculty of Arts Award, Auckland University, 1999, $26,000.


Hird, M.J. & Abshoff, K. ‘The Choice to be Childfree: A Critical Analysis’, University of Auckland Graduate Research Fund, 1998, $5,000.


Hird, M.J. & O’Neill, T. ‘Masculinity in New Zealand: The Formation, Maintenance and Implications of Male Gender Constructs’, University of Auckland Graduate Research Fund, 1998, $5,000.


Hird, M.J. ‘Adolescent Dating Violence and the Negotiaton of Gender’, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Doctoral Fellowship, 1994-1996. $18,000


Hird, M.J. ‘Adolescent Dating Violence and the Negotiation of Gender’, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University, 1994, $1,000.